Leading Collaboration

Collaboration begins with connections. Family League brings together stakeholders from government, public, and private sectors. We work with them toward the common goal of helping all Baltimore families reach their full potential. By working on the ground with these agencies, Family League reduces duplication of services, ensuring children and families receive enhanced access to resources.

Family League identifies, shares, and applies effective solutions to meet the needs of Baltimore’s children and families. We fund educational, health care, nutrition, mentoring, and youth development programs that support key points in a child’s life. Our work begins before birth and continues as children enter school.

Family League does not stop there. We maintain relationships with our partners to support our shared efforts for students and their families as they move through high school, graduation, college or the workforce.

Our Work within Leading Collaboration includes:

  • School Health Workgroup and alignment with Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Community Schools Planning in 21st Century Schools
  • Coordination between Judy Centers and Community Schools to ensure successful transition between pre-natal and school age

We facilitate the following programs and initiatives :

  • Baltimore’s Community Schools
  • Baltimore Partnership to End Childhood Hunger, in partnership with Share Our Strength
  • Family Literacy Coalition, in partnership with B’more for Healthy Babies
  • Baltimore Attendance Collaborative
  • Youth Justice & Equity Council

Our implementing partners include:

  • B’more for Healthy Babies
  • Park Heights Collaborative
  • Disproportionate Minority Contact Initiative