Community School Steering Committee


Here you’ll find more information about the new Community School Steering Committee. You may apply using the links at the bottom of this page.

What is a Baltimore Community School?

A Community School is a true partnership between a local city public school and community-based organizations, who work together to identify and reduce barriers to student success. Community Schools provide access to wide-ranging resources—offering children and families a chance to succeed regardless of their zip code.

Where are Baltimore’s Community Schools located?

Is there a Community School in your neighborhood? Check out the current list here.

What is the Community School Steering Committee (CSSC)?

The CSSC is a cross-section of community stakeholders, parents, school staff, youth, funders, advocates, and policy makers who will oversee the progress, effectiveness, and evaluation of Community Schools. The CSSC will also work on developing school partners and resolving conflicts.

Who is in charge of the CSSC?

The CSSC will be co-chaired by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of City Schools or her designee and the CEO of the Local Management Board, which is Family League of Baltimore.

Who will serve on the CSSC, and for how long?

The term of office for the 15-member CSSC shall be three years and members shall serve no more than two terms. The Committee’s make-up is as follows:

CSSC Application Timeline

Community Schools Steering Committee Application

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