Financial Information

Family League of Baltimore bridges funding from a variety of private and public sources to invest in initiatives that can lead to positive outcomes for children and families in Baltimore.

We raise revenue from a variety of public and private sources and invest that funding into more than 100 community-based organizations to help Baltimore’s children and  families reach their full potential. Through our investments in healthy communities, education and youth, we strive to improve institutions so that individuals can grow and learn and build a better community in a Baltimore where everyone thrives.

FY17 Projected Revenue & FY17 Projected Functional Expenses



We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is audited annually. Recent financial disclosures about Family League of Baltimore:

Audited Financial Statement for 2017

Audited Financial Statement for 2016

Audited Financial Statement for 2015

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Audited Financial Statement for 2012

Audited Financial Statement for 2011


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