Family League brings together stakeholders from government, public and private sectors, and the community. We work together toward the common goal of helping all Baltimore families reach their full potential. Our ultimate goal is to reduce duplication of services, ensuring children and families receive enhanced access to resources and that resources are allocated efficiently.

Collaborating with Community

Family League’s 2021-2022 coalitions and collaborations listed below are not exhaustive, and will continue to be updated as new initiatives evolve.

⁃ Baby Basics Coalition
⁃ BabyStat (w/BCHD and HCAM)
⁃ Baltimore Children’s Cabinet Food Security Workgroup
⁃ Baltimore Children’s Cabinet Workgroup on Early Childhood
⁃ Baltimore Children’s Cabinet Workgroup on Youth Diversion
⁃ Baltimore City Food Policy Action Coalition
⁃ Baltimore City Healthy Families Americas (HFA) Home Visiting Partners Network
⁃ Baltimore City’s Community Schools Steering Committee
⁃ Baltimore Partnership to End Childhood Hunger
⁃ Baltimore School Climate Collaborative
⁃ Baltimore Summer Funding Collaborative
⁃ Baltimore’s Promise Youth Data Hub (formerly IDS) Site Team
⁃ BHB Community Advisory Board
⁃ BHB Faith Roundtable
⁃ BHB Steering Committee
⁃ Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Coalition
⁃ Child Fatality Review
⁃ City-Wide Emergency Food Taskforce (in response to COVID)
⁃ City-wide Equity Coordinators Workgroup (led by City’s Office of Equity & Civil Rights)
⁃ City-Wide Joint Information Center (in response to COVID)
⁃ Community School Leadership Network
⁃ Early Childhood Advisory Council (School Readiness Coalition)
⁃ Family Recovery Program Policy Committee
⁃ Fetal and Infant Mortality Review
⁃ Greater Baltimore Committee Education & Workforce Committee
⁃ JDAI Quality Program Committee
⁃ Local Care Team
⁃ Maryland Coalition for Community Schools
⁃ Maryland Partnership to End Childhood Hunger
⁃ Maryland Philanthropic Network Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
⁃ National CACFP Sponsors Association
⁃ Pre/Post-natal Behavioral Health Coalition (formerly PSEP)
⁃ Resource Allocation Action Committee of Baltimore City Continuum of Care