Community Schools

Community Schools, facilitated by Family League and operated through partnerships with Lead Agencies, bring together a wide range of partners and community resources to promote student achievement, positive conditions for learning and the well-being of families and communities. While the core focus of our strategy is on children, we recognize that children grow up in families who are integral parts of communities.

Community schools and partner organizations work with school staff to provide additional programming and services for students and families. This includes high-quality afterschool activities or tutoring, health check-ups or mental health counseling, or tax-preparation services or financial counseling for parents.

Each community school has a community school coordinator who develops partnerships with local community organization to create an environment where academics, enrichment, health and social supports, family engagement, youth and community development improve student well-being.

There are over 45 Community Schools in Baltimore.

  • Each Community School has a full-time site coordinator
  • The strategy is a partnership of Baltimore City, City Schools and The Family League
  • The strategy intentionally connects schools and community based organizations to promote student achievement and family and community engagement through partnerships and out of school time (OST) programs

For a list of Participating Schools, please click here.