Community Schools and Out-Of-School Time

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The Community School strategy is a partnership facilitated by Family League together with Baltimore City Public Schools, the Mayor’s Office and Baltimore City Council. A Community School (CS) is both a place and a set of strategic partnerships that promote student achievement, positive conditions for learning, and the well-being of families and communities.

The CS strategy is intentionally aligned with Out-Of-School Time (OST) programming. OST programs provide students with the opportunity to explore new ideas, build 21st century skills, find new talents, and experience success.

Through the work of a community-based partner, the Lead Agency (LA) leverages unique community resources to meet needs with a focus on children and families. A full-time Community School Coordinator (CSC) at each school coordinates resources and partnerships that transform a school into a hub of integrated service delivery, creating one seamless access point to critical supports.

Community Schools are guided by a bi-annual needs assessment and annually developed Action Plan, informed by the needs assessment, that is tailored to the unique needs of that school and identifies strategies for improvement in: Community Development, Family Engagement, Health and Social Supports, Youth Development, Enhanced Academics and Enrichment, and College and Career Readiness.

There are 44 Family League-funded Community Schools in Baltimore serving over 20,000 students in pre-kindergarten through high school.

BCPS #SchoolZIP codePhone NumberCoordinatorLead Agency
220+Morrell Park Elementary/Middle School
2601 Tolley Street
21230410-396-3426Liz LounsburyAccess Art, Inc.
251+Callaway Elementary School
3701 Fernhill Avenue
21215410-396-0604Eric CampbellBoys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Baltimore
54+Barclay Elementary/Middle School
2900 Barclay Street
21218410-396-6387Ebonee NelsonChild First Authority, Inc.
256+Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary School
5545 Kennison Ave *swing space
21215410-396-0940David CaldwellChild First Authority, Inc.
8+City Springs Elementary/Middle School
100 S Caroline Street
21231410-396-9165Ahmad CollickChild First Authority, Inc.
61+Dorothy I. Height Elementary School
2011 Linden Avenue
21217410-396-0837Porsche JohnsonChild First Authority, Inc.
21+Hilton Elementary School
3301 Carlisle Avenue
21216410-396-0634Geneen GodseyChild First Authority, Inc.
64+Liberty Elementary School
3901 Maine Avenue
21207410-396-0571Magdalena TsiongasChild First Authority, Inc.
142+Robert W. Coleman Elementary School
2400 Windsor Avenue
21216410-396-0764Bertha KnightChild First Authority, Inc.
341The REACH! Partnership School
2555 Harford Road (Fairmount-Harford Building)
21218443-642-2291Rhonda McKinneyCivic Works, Inc.
164+Arundel Elementary School
2400 Round Road
21225410-396-1379Tia BrisbonElev8 Baltimore
159^Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School
801 Bridgeview Rd
21225410-396-1392George BuntinElev8 Baltimore
97+Collington Square Elementary/Middle School
1409 N. Collington Avenue
21213410-396-9198Stephanie MackElev8 Baltimore
28+Sandtown-Winchester Achievement Academy
701 Gold Street
21217410-396-0800Norah SalamoneElev8 Baltimore
27^Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School
100 N Chester Street
21231410-396-9300Hannah WallaceJHU Center for Adolescent Health
211+Gardenville Elementary School
5300 Belair Road
21206410-396-6382Harvey MilesKoinonia Baptist Church
234+Arlington Elementary/Middle School
3705 W Rogers Avenue
21215410-396-0567Jimmy MitchellPark Heights Renaissance, Inc.
223+Pimlico Elementary/Middle School
4849 Pimlico Road
21215410-396-0876Malkia PipkinPark Heights Renaissance, Inc.
327+Patterson Park Public Charter School
27 N Lakewood Avenue
21224410-558-1230Liz ObaraPatterson Park Public Charter School
237Highlandtown #237 Elementary/Middle School
231 S Eaton Street
21224443-642-2792Dinora MendozaSoutheast Community Development Corporation
228+John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School
6820 Fait Ave. *swing space
21224410-396-9125Margie HatchSoutheast Community Development Corporation
13+Tench Tilman Elementary/Middle School
600 N Patterson Park Avenue
21205410-396-9247Rachel KutlerSoutheast Community Development Corporation
214+Guilford Elementary/Middle School
4520 York Road
21212410-396-6358Annie WeberStrong City Baltimore
53+Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School
100 E 26th Street
21218410-396-6509Sabrinia GayStrong City Baltimore
260+Frederick Elementary School
2501 Frederick Avenue
21223410-396-0830Bon Secours Community Works
239Benjamin Franklin High School at Masonville Cove
1201 Cambria Street
21225410-396-1373Kelly OglesbeeUnited Way of Central Maryland
130+Booker T. Washington Middle School
1301 McCulloh Street
21217410-396-7734Mariel PfisterUniversity of Maryland School of Social Work - Promise Heights
125+Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue
21217410-396-0882Meaghan TineUniversity of Maryland School of Social Work - Promise Heights
122+The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School
507 W Preston Street
21201410-396-0783Alexandra GomezUniversity of Maryland School of Social Work - Promise Heights
35+Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School
1401 W Lafayette Avenue
21217410-396-0633Danielle HarrisUniversity of Maryland School of Social Work - SWCOS
10+James McHenry Elementary/Middle School
31 S Schroeder Street
21223410-396-1621Heidi StevensUniversity of Maryland School of Social Work - SWCOS
88+Wildwood Elementary/Middle School
621 Wildwood Parkway
21229410-396-0503Oprah KeyesUniversity of Maryland School of Social Work - SWCOS
23+Wolfe Street Academy
245 S Wolfe Street
21231410-396-9140Leah BeachleyUniversity of Maryland School of Social Work - SWCOS
243+Armistead Gardens Elementary/Middle School
5001 E Eager Street
21205410-396-9090Natasha BentzenY in Central Maryland
406Forest Park High School
3701 Eldorado Avenue
21207410-396-0753Shanelle EnglandY in Central Maryland
85+Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School
2710 E Hoffman Street
21213410-396-9161Justin HuntY in Central Maryland
450Frederick Douglass High School
2301 Gwynns Falls Parkway
21217410-396-7821Y in Central Maryland
240+Graceland Park/O'Donnell Heights Elementary/Middle School
6300 O'Donnell Street
21224410-396-9083Anna ScribnerY in Central Maryland
229+Holabird Elementary/Middle School
1500 Imla Street
21224410-396-9086Cynthia RodriguezY in Central Maryland
12+Lakeland Elementary/Middle School
2921 Stranden Road
21230410-396-1406Ramona DowdellY in Central Maryland
105+Moravia Park Elementary School
6201 Frankford Avenue (grades PK-2)
6001 Frankford Avenue (grades 3-5)
21206410-396-9096Renee McNairY in Central Maryland
405Patterson High School
100 Kane Street
21224410-396-9276Andrew MitchellY in Central Maryland
419Reginald F. Lewis High School
6401 Pioneer Drive
21214410-545-1746Kenya SmithY in Central Maryland
51+Waverly Elementary/Middle School
3400 Ellerslie Ave.
21218410-396-6394Catrina SpringerY in Central Maryland
The Community Schools strategy is intentionally aligned with Out-Of-School Time (OST) programming. OST programs provide students with the opportunity to explore new ideas, build 21st-century skills, find new talents, and experience success.
+Denotes a Community School that provides OST programming
^Denotes a Community School that is currently in the process of adding OST programming

In the Baltimore Community School Strategy, there is intentional alignment between Community Schools and Out of School time (OST).  There are 46 Family League-funded OST programs attached to community schools serving over 3,000 students in pre-kindergarten through high school. When youth participate in high quality school or community-based Out of School Time (OST) programs, they are likely to benefit in a myriad of ways. They explore new interests, develop positive relationships with peers and caring adults, receive academic support, take on challenging leadership roles and build a sense of self-esteem.

Family League funded comprehensive OST programs operate at minimum 12 hours per week and have an appropriate 15:1 student to staff ratio. Youth participating in these programs have access to nutritious supper/snack, diverse enrichments (STEM, art, sports etc.) and academic enrichment. In addition, families are engaged in multiple ways including attending academic workshops, student showcases and volunteering.  Finally, all programs participate in Continuous Quality improvement processes through Weikart’s Center for Youth Program Quality.

This monthly newsletter provides updates and connects our Community Schools and OST partners with useful resources.

Family League, along with Baltimore City Public Schools(“City Schools”), co-chairs the Community School Steering Committee as a group assembled to oversee the formal designation process, partnership development, conflict resolution and evaluation of Community Schools.

Steering Committee Infographic
Upcoming Meetings

Quarterly Community School Steering Committee Meeting
Protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our members, attendees, and partners is paramount. Due to the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the Community Steering Committee Meeting scheduled for March 25th was postponed and will be held virtually on April 1st at 10 am. Those interested in attendance should contact Khalilah Slater Harrington, Chief Program Officer. Wednesday, June 10, 2020 | 4:00PM
Wednesday, September 9, 2020 | 4:00PM
Wednesday, December 2, 2020 | 4:00PM

Past Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the September 2019 and postponed December 2019 meetings of the Baltimore City Community Schools Steering Committee will be available soon.

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