Resources and Reminders – June 2021

School’s out and Summer is HERE!

Greetings, CSCs and OST SMs! We have made it! The completion of School Year 2021-22 is here! Equally as important is the completion of the need assessment process for our schools. Hooray! Additionally, many of our OST programs are ending their school sessions. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our students and families.


Community Schools

High School Coordinators, Rhonda McKinney (REACH! Partnership School), Kenya Smith (Reginald F. Lewis High School), and Carlos Muhammad (Frederick Douglas High School) planned a mental health conference that took place Wednesday, May 19, 2021. It was a huge success! Looking forward to what else happens when coordinators collaborate to address the needs of our students. Great work everyone!

Out-of-School Time

Shout out to Village Learning Place at Margaret Brent Elementary Middle school who enrolled 10 new students this quarter. Nine of these students speak English as a second language. Teachers reflected on the first day with the new students by saying: “While they were not able to speak much, they did an awesome job of participating and being present with the group. The two girls seemed happy and shared their drawings, which feels like a success for me. I attempted to put simple Arabic translations into the chat, both in Arabic alphabet and English,” This speaks to the authentic ways our partners are assessing addressing, and engaging with students and families. 

Likewise, we had similar success in the 4-6 grade classroom. Annie, the OST Site Manager wrote this: “Mr. Daniel was using Google translate to talk to two students in Arabic in the Zoom chatbox. Sometimes these students seem to tune out during the program, so I thought this was a creative way to include.  Mr. Daniel asked them how their day was in Arabic, I asked how their weekend was in Arabic. The translation was not perfect through Google translate, but it was fun to try it out. Later, I looked up a list of English words derived from Arabic and shared that candy and safari both have Arabic roots.”  


Are you struggling with FUNDINGtrackDo you need FUNDINGtrack training? Do you have a question about how to better use FUNDINGtrackIf so, please send a ticket to our Help Desk at Be sure to include your name, organization, role, and best availability for training so we can get you access.   

Site Visits 

Site visits are still under way. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Specialist. 

Community Schools

Needs Assessments 

Again, it’s Needs Assessment Season! As a reminder, the process of completing this biannual requirement includes input from students, families, teachers, school staff, community members, and partners. An overview of needs assessment methods can be found here. It includes a review of existing data, surveys, focus groups, and interviews. A timeline for the needs assessment can be found here. The link to the online surveys can be found here 

Partnership Trackers 

As a reminder, David Thomas is Family League’s new Project Manager on the Data & Evaluation Team. Any questions about trackers (and any data-related feedback in your reports) should be directed to him at

Deliverables for FY21 

All Q3 reports should have been submittedPlease make note of the following due date for the (only!) remaining quarterly report: 

  • Q4 – July 15 

Additionally, all Coordinators must send their support/partnership tracker with each quarterly report. Finally, the leveraged funds tracker is needed with the Q4 report!

Out-of-School Time

Deliverables for FY21 

All Q3 reports should have been submittedPlease make note of the following due date for the (only!) remaining quarterly report: 

  • Q4 – July 15 

Additionally, OST Site Managers need to send monthly attendance trackers by the 5th of each month. Please email Shebbi Eversley at with questions about attendance trackers. Finally, the leveraged fund’s tracker is also needed with the Q4 report!! 

We have posted a lot of sessions to our community PD calendar. To access our community PD calendar, click here. As always, please reach out to with any PD-related questions. 

Community Schools

CSC Summer Institute 

WHO: Both Family League-funded and CoP-funded CSCs (also known as all CSCs!)

WHAT: Community Schools’ Biggest Conference of the Year
WHEN: June 16th – June 30th – The format will be very similar to last year with CSCs choosing elective sessions spread out over two and a half weeks and submitting a passport when they’ve completed their sessions. We are hoping to have some asynchronous sessions as well.

WHERE: Zoom (We hope to be back in person in the Fall!)

WHY: This will be a time to come together to learn with and from our peers, build community, and lay a foundation for School Year 2021-22.

Out-of-School Time

If your site is in need of a few more PD hours, please visit our community PD calendar here. We still have quite a few offerings until the end of the fiscal year, June 30th.

Mayor Scott, Community Leaders Take First Step To Establish Baltimore’s Guaranteed Income Pilot

Community leaders selected by Mayor Brandon M. Scott to design Baltimore’s guaranteed income pilot program are ready to engage the public in key details of the pilot design. Today, the Guaranteed Income Steering Committee is kicking off an online survey, the first in a month of activities to capture broad community input.

In early February, Mayor Scott joined Mayors for a Guaranteed Income and committed to launching a guaranteed income pilot to increase economic security among Baltimore’s low-income residents. Guaranteed income is the distribution of direct, recurring cash payments with no strings attached and no work requirements. It is meant to supplement, not replace, existing forms of food, housing, and medical assistance.

The Baltimore Guaranteed Income Steering Committee expects to present the pilot design recommendations to Mayor Scott for approval in late summer—and to the Mayor’s Office for Children & Family Success for implementation support starting this fall. For updates on the Baltimore guaranteed income pilot and information on guaranteed income, visit

Read the full announcement here.

Each month grants and resources are listed in this section. Some are all year or rolling deadlines and others have a deadline to apply. Please carefully look through this list to find the resources you need. 

Community Engagement Mini-Grants

The Chesapeake Bay Trust Community Engagement Mini-Grant provides up to $5,000 to non-profits, community associations, faith-based organizations, and others in activities such as tree plantings, rain gardens, stream cleanups, and other projects to enhance communities and improve natural resources. Requests are accepted on a rolling basis until funds are expended. Learn more here. 

National Endowment for the Humanities 

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations, government agencies, IHEs, and tribes to build organizational capacity to offer humanities programming. Interested applicants are advised that required registrations may take up to one month to complete. Grant funds may be used for capital projects or to strengthen and expand digital infrastructure. 

All organizations must submit their applications for NEH funding using Workspace. Before using for the first time, each organization must have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and register with The registration process requires completing information in three separate systems:
1. Dun and Bradstreet (*
2. System for Award Management (SAM) (*
3. (

Maryland State Arts Council Grants 

General Operating Support Creativity Grants strengthen the vitality and sustainability of small organizations to maintain a strong and stable arts infrastructure in Maryland. Intended to support overall operations, this option is available to organizations only. The Operating Support application is focused on the organization’s arts activities or programming for an entire season or fiscal year. There is a rolling deadline for this funding!  Apply Here! 

COVID-19 Vaccine Information 

Please click here for information on COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Baltimore City. This page is managed by the Baltimore City Health Department and will be updated as information changes.  

Summer Learning and Enrichment Resources 

While the school year is coming to a close, these resources still provide opportunities to keep our children and youth engaged!

614 Town Hall

How does being born, raised and living in Baltimore shape the minds and behaviors of boys and men of color? Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back—how would you describe the ability of Baltimore’s boys and young men of color to be resilient?

These questions will guide the conversation on Monday, June 14 at 6pm as the Baltimore Children’s Cabinet closes out its town hall series with an event that explores, builds on and celebrates the resiliency of Baltimore’s Black boys and young men.

Speakers include:

  • Carlmichael “Stokey” Cannady – Founder and CEO of The Stokey Project
  • Joni Holifield – Founder and president of HeartSmiles
  • John King — President and CEO of The Education Trust and former U.S. Secretary of Education
  • Antonio Moore — Youth activist and author of The Flip Project
  • YBS Skola — Rapper
  • D. Watkins — New York Times bestselling author, editor-at-large for Salon, University of Baltimore lecturer and founder of the Bmore Writers Project

Register today!

This year’s MD4Y conference is taking place virtually in the ongoing shadow of the global pandemic known as COVID-19. This unfortunate new reality has forced its way into our collective psyche and caused us to accept and adapt to a “new abnormal” in all we do, especially as we service and support our young people. We have made it this far but are certainly worse for the wear. No one has been unscathed as we have lost loved ones, friends, and colleagues along the way. But we must keep moving forward….With this backdrop in mind, this year’s conference theme is “Reimagining Resilience.” We invite you in joining us to reimagine how we view resilience, what it signifies and how we measure it. We invite you to take a fresh look at resilience not only from the perspective of the young people you serve, but also their families, your staff, your volunteers, the systems of which we are a part, and finally, you personally. We have learned so much but still have so far to go.Join us at this year’s MD4Y 2021 as we learn together on the journey to Reimagine Resilience!