Prenatal - Age 4

Family League works with our partners to ensure Prenatal to Age 4 children are born healthy, supported and prepared for school. We work with our partners and expectant mothers to achieve healthy birth outcomes and support children and their families as they enter the first years of learning. Learn More

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8

At the Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 level, our focus is on producing the best possible outcomes for children to be and feel supported and successful. Through community schools, strong out of school time programs, and food access services, we can enhance learning opportunities and nutritional needs for children in Baltimore City. Learn More

High School

High school students throughout Baltimore City need access to resources that prepare them for the completion of high school and a successful transition into college or the workforce. Family League and its partners are committed to a strategy that strengthens student’s skills beyond the classroom. Learn More



Family League of Baltimore bases its work around a continuum that starts before a child is born and ends when they graduate from high school and transition to college and career. Within that continuum are three age-spans: Prenatal to Age 4; Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8; and High School. Targeted outcomes in each age span are reached using three key strategies: Strengthening Organizations, Leading Collaboration and Influencing Systems. Those strategies are employed in our major initiative areas, which include:

B’more for Healthy Babies

B’more for Healthy Babies (BHB) is a citywide initiative, led by the Baltimore City Health Department with Family League and HealthCare Access Maryland, to reduce infant mortality and improve the health of mothers and babies. Family League serves as the lead implementation partner of BHB with the initiative focused on two Baltimore neighborhoods, Upton/Druid Heights, and Patterson Park North and East. Learn More

Community Schools

A community school is a place and set of strategic partnerships among a school and other community resources that promote student achievement. Family League has 45 community schools in Baltimore City. Each has a community school coordinator who develops partnerships with local community organizations. Together, they create a setting where academics, health and social supports, family engagement, youth and community development improve student well-being. Learn More

Expanded Learning

Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) include afterschool, summer, and Out of School Time (OST) programs. They provide students the opportunity to explore new ideas, build new skills, find new talents, and experience success. Learn More

Food Access

Family League is the largest sponsor of the afterschool meals program in Baltimore City. To make sure children and youth receive nourishing meals each day, Family League focuses its nutrition work on reaching them wherever they are: at home, in school, after school and during the summer. Learn More

Partnership and Collaborations

Baltimore Partnership to End Childhood Hunger

In March of 2012, City leaders convened the Baltimore Partnership to End Childhood Hunger to increase participation in federal nutrition assistance programs and decrease childhood hunger in Baltimore City. Modeled after the Partnership to End Childhood Hunger in Maryland, the Baltimore Partnership seeks to engage state and local agencies as well as community leaders, elected officials and other nonprofit organizations in concerted strategies to eradicate childhood hunger. The Partnership is housed at Family League of Baltimore's headquarters. Learn More

The Baltimore School Climate Collaborative

The Baltimore School Climate Collaborative is comprised of over 60 organizations working together to advocate for effective policies and promote the use of best practices, so that students attend every day and graduate prepared for college and career. Learn More

Data Collection Improvement Project

Family League is building a new and improved system for collecting, analyzing, and managing data across several major initiatives, including Community Schools, Out-of-School-Time programs, and others. Learn More

Family Literacy Coalition

Formed in 2012, The Family Literacy Coalition guides B’more for Healthy Babies initiatives. The goal of the Literacy Coalition is to increase school readiness at kindergarten by addressing key health and literacy drivers that can effect change at a population level. The Family Literacy Coalition brings together partners from the health, education and early childhood development sectors.

Local Care Team

Family League houses the Local Care Team (LCT) manager for the City of Baltimore. LCTs serve as a forum to help families of children with intensive needs receive assistance in identifying potential resources to address those needs. It also facilitates interagency discussions and problem solving for individual child, family, and systemic needs. Learn More

Youth Justice and Equity Council

The myriad of issues that Baltimore’s young citizens face today are the inevitable result of structural barriers to opportunity, including but not limited to, inequities in education, lack of meaningful employment, and minimal access to physical and mental health resources. The mission of the Youth Justice and Equity Council (the Council) is to develop and steer the application of a comprehensive framework, action plan, and implementation strategy for juvenile justice reform in Baltimore City.