Prenatal to Age 4

Over the last decade, Baltimore City has made major improvement in addressing the percentage of babies born with low birth weights. Home Visiting and other prenatal programs funded by Family League helped lower the city’s infant mortality rate from 13.5 in 2009 to 8.4 in 2015 (number of deaths per 1000 live births)—an unprecedented low.

Family League works with our partners to ensure children aged Prenatal to Age 4 are born healthy, supported and prepared for school. We work with our partners and expectant mothers to achieve healthy birth outcomes and support children and their families as they start their journey into early learning. We do this by setting target outcomes that include:

  • Prenatal health and education
  • Child health
  • Positive home environment
  • Enrollment in quality early learning

B’more for Healthy Babies (BHB) is a citywide initiative led by the Baltimore City Health Department with HealthCare Access Maryland and Family League as a lead implementation partner. BHB works toward reducing infant mortality and improving the health of mothers and babies.