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Free Meals

Too many Baltimore families have trouble providing good food each day. To make sure young people are receiving nourishing meals each day, the Family League has participated as a sponsor in the At-Risk, After-School Snack Program for more than five years.

This program pays for snacks and suppers served at eligible out of school time programs throughout the city. In 2010, Maryland became one of 14 states to participate in the program.

Family League has aggressively expanded its work to become the largest provider of suppers in Maryland.

  • The Family League serves more than 9,000 youth each day at over 225 sites, including Family League-funded programs, Baltimore City recreation centers, and other community-based programs.
  • More than 1 million meals and 1 million snacks will reach Baltimore’s children and youth each school year through this work.
  • In all, the program brings more than $4 million in federal nutrition funding to Baltimore.
Requirements for Out of School Snack and Supper Program
  • Located at a site where at least half of the children  in the school attendance area are eligible for free and reduced meals;
  • Offer educational or enrichment activities, after the  regular school day ends, or on weekends, during times of the year when school is in session;
  • Meet licensing, health, or safety codes that are  required by Maryland and Baltimore City.
  • Competitive sports teams are not eligible. However, afterschool care programs that include a sports activity as part of their enrichment program may be eligible.
  • Only served to children under 18 years old
  • Child must be enrolled in your afterschool program

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