Funded Partnerships

Family League has deep relationships at all levels, from the Mayor’s office to on-the-ground community organizations and is able to bring key players to the table to develop tools for change. Family League also connects and convenes private and public funders, local community leaders, educators, health professionals and business to develop a shared agenda for action.

We invest funding into community-based organizations to help children and families in Baltimore reach their full potential. We strive to improve institutions so that individuals can grow, learn, and build a better community.

Family League’s funded partners are our link to Baltimore. We connect a wide range of partners with funding opportunities to help them mutually reach our goal that by 2030, all children in Baltimore will be born healthy, succeed academically, graduate high school and transition into higher education and the workforce.

If you have any questions, please contact the Funded Partnerships team at

Grant Opportunities

Request for Proposals (RFP): Community School Lead Agency – The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School
Deadline: August 6, 2021 | 4pm

Family League is seeking a partner to serve as the Lead Agency responsible for implementing the Community School Strategy at the Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School. A Community School (CS) is both a place and set of strategic partnerships that promote student achievement, positive conditions for learning, and the well-being of families and communities. Through the work of a community-based partner, the Lead Agency (LA) leverages unique community resources to meet needs with a focus on children and families. A full-time Community School Coordinator (CSC) at each school coordinates resources and partnerships that transform a school into a hub of integrates service delivery, creating one seamless access point to critical supports. Community Schools are guided by a bi-annual Needs Assessment and an annually developed Action Plan, informed by the Needs Assessment, that is tailored to the unique needs of the school and identifies strategies for improvement in: Community Development, Family Engagement, Health and Social Supports, Youth Development, Enhanced Academics and Enrichment, and College and Career Readiness.

Lead Agency Roles and Responsibilities
The Lead Agency (LA) is the organization that joins with the school to manage and lead the work of developing and sustaining the Community School. The LA comes with a clear set of skills and competencies that enhance, complement, and add value to those of the school. An effective LA helps to fill the gaps and – as the school’s primary partner – leads and manages work in a way that achieves visible success for the school community. Below is an overview of other roles and responsibilities.

Hire a Community School Coordinator (CSC) in partnership with the school principal and the school community. This staff member must be dedicated full-time to this work and on-site during the school day for these hours.

Provide onboarding and training for the CSC in accordance with the required scope of work.

Support CSC with completion of all Family League deliverables including leading the bi-annual needs assessment process (as applicable), creating an annual Action Plan in collaboration with key stakeholders, and reviewing/approving quarterly reporting.

Leverage additional funding opportunities and resources to expand the CS strategy within the school and larger community that address need and barriers to success.

Participate in Family League professional development sessions for CS Lead Agencies.

Meet with CSC and principal at minimum quarterly to review data, discuss progress towards goals, highlight successes and troubleshoot challenges.

Support the CSC in participating in school level teams and establishing a school level Community School Steering Committee (CSSC), a group of diverse stakeholders that support the development, execution, and oversight of the CS Strategy.

Market the CS Strategy to all stakeholders and the greater community.

Finally, the Lead Agency will support the CSC as they coordinate and align existing and new partnerships and resources to support the school and CS Strategy goals. The Lead Agency will also work with the Principal (and other designees) on a regular basis to utilize data to assist in identifying students who need/would benefit most from services. Finally, the Lead Agency supports the intentional alignment of CS and Out-of-School Time (OST) programming.

The full RFP can be found linked below. If you have any questions, please contact the Funded Partnerships team at by 5 pm on July 16, 2021.

Request for Applications (RFA): Out-Of-School Time Program in a Community School (Multiple Sites)
Deadline: August 6, 2021 | 4pm

Family League – in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools, the Mayor’s Office, and City Council – is committed to supporting students in a collective effort to surround them with opportunities for success and to remove the barriers that keep them from attending school regularly and being engaged and supported in school, at home, and in their communities. The Community School Strategy represents the expressed intention of schools to partner with community-based organizations so they may align resources and services to essentially wrap around students. Through the Community School Strategy, school principals and their partners are engaged in leveraging resources, thereby developing a
continuum of services in each school and the surrounding community.

Out-Of-School Time (OST) programs provide students with the opportunity to explore new ideas, build 21st-century skills, find new talents, and experience success. Through this Request for Applications (RFA), Family League, the Mayor’s Office, and City Council are seeking an OST program to provide opportunities for youth at the following schools:

Wildwood Elementary/Middle School
James McHenry Elementary/Middle School
The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School
Highlandtown #237 Elementary/Middle School
Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School
Booker T. Washington Middle School
Armistead Gardens Elementary/Middle School

The full RFA can be found linked below. If you have any questions, please contact the Funded Partnerships team at by 5 pm on July 16, 2021.

Professional Services Opportunities

INVITATION TO PRESENT – Professional Development Workshops

Workshop presenters will be offered a stipend of $450 per 2-hour workshop; ($175 per instruction hour and $50 per instruction hour towards planning). Submission of an application enters you into the pool of eligible Professional Development Presenters; however, it does not, in any way, guarantee a contract. If your application is selected to be included on our Professional Development Calendar, you will be contacted by Family League to begin the contracting process. Family League is not responsible for any costs incurred related to the preparation of a response to this invitation.

Additional Funding Opportunities from Partner Organizations

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation – Baltimore City Community Grants Program

The Weinberg Foundation and the Mayor’s Office have partnered to create a funding opportunity for small nonprofits (annual operating budget of $500,000 or less) that provide direct services to low-income individuals and families in Baltimore City.

Grants, up to $10,000 per year and a maximum of one year, will be provided for general operating support, program support, equipment, and capacity building (e.g., evaluation and audit costs). The Foundation will make all grant payments directly to the nonprofits.

Learn more here.

If you have a grant/funding opportunity that you would like to have featured on our website, please email a link to the opportunity to

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FUNDINGtrack is Family League’s online portal for submitting applications and reports. Through this platform, new applicants and current partners can apply for funding and submit reports if selected for funding.

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Registration Tutorial

Grant Application Tutorial

Family League of Baltimore is pleased to consider requests to support organizations responding to various grant opportunities. These requests afford Family League the opportunity to learn of new resources being created within the community as well as to facilitate linkages among the proposed project and established initiatives and programs.

In order to submit a request for a letter of support, please download and complete the form provided below and return it to Please note that requests will typically take 10 business days to process and complete and the decision to provide the letter will depend on alignment with Family League’s mission, partner’s performance, and any potential conflicts that may arise.

The Review Panel Member serves as part of an independent review panel convened by Family League of Baltimore to rate and score proposals submitted in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP).  This panel represents experience and knowledge in the fields of human service provision and programmatic oversight of the types of services and resources being developed. Please read the full position description here.

Baltimore City Local Hiring Law

The Local Hiring Law (Council Bill 12-0159) (the “Law”) is applicable to all City contracts that are greater than $ 300,000.00, or agreements authorizing assistance that are within the terms of §27-2 of the Law executed by the City on or after the Law’s effective date, December 23, 2013. The Law requires compliance by vendors/contractors and their subcontractors regardless of the subcontractor award amount and by all persons benefitting from an agreement involving more than $ 5,000,000.00 in assistance for a City subsidized project.

Visionaries of Color Virtual Nonprofit Summit

Sat, November 7, 2020, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Join us in a productive space where people of color can learn, network, and dream bigger for their non-profit organization. Nonprofit Elders and experts will guide you through the non-profit building process, funding, and more.

Many Nonprofit Visionaries of color start organizations to address an issue(s) that has personally affected them or their communities. Unfortunately in the midst of the trauma that ignited the idea paired with inexperience it can become difficult to present the organization to potential funders and the community in a way that will gain credibility.

First we must invest in healing, create a structure for success, and build the organization to last.


Mid-Atlantic Community Network – Free for Nonprofits; Enables Warm Referrals for Case Management

Kaiser Permanente and Unite Us are excited to collaborate with Maryland Nonprofits to support the launch of the Mid-Atlantic Community Network in Greater Baltimore on October 20. To participate in this network to electronically, or refer community members in need to service providers throughout the region and track outcomes, please complete this Partner Registration Form. Being a part of this community will provide connections to more than 140 organizations that are already participating throughout the DMV area. Questions? Contact Jason Jude at

FY21 FP Mtg_Funded Partners Week FY21 Logo

This unique twist on our annual convening of Funded Partners was presented as a 4-day virtual experience. It provides a thorough review of mandatory contract requirements that support your ability to maintain eligibility. Additionally, President & CEO Demaune Millard shared the organization’s progress toward completing Transformation 2020: A Strategic Plan for Organizational Success and its partner document, Community Health Needs Assessment: Through a Health Equity Lens. Attendees were also able to meet critically important members of Family League’s team.