Child Care COVID-19 Stability Fund Grants $3.7 Million


For Immediate Release

Rachel D. Graham

More than $3.7 million granted to Baltimore Child Care Providers through COVID-19 Stability Fund

Dollars will help nearly 400 centers hard hit by global pandemic to support business-critical operating expenses, increased health precautions and need to expand to virtual learning.

Baltimore, Md. – December 11, 2020 – Family League of Baltimore (Family League) today announced the awarding of more than $3.7 million in grants to help support child care providers through the Child Care COVID-19 Stability Fund. The organization was designated by the City of Baltimore to administer these funds made available through the federal CARES Act which provides resources to businesses and individuals adversely impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Child care providers play an often overlooked but critical role as a resource for our families and a force in our local economy. And they have taken a particularly hard hit during the pandemic. For that reason, the city has allocated nearly $4 million of its federal COVID relief funding to help ensure centers can continue to operate—and operate safely—while we as a city work to get the spread of the coronavirus under control,” says Mayor Brandon M. Scott.

The Child Care COVID-19 Stability Fund was the result of a collaboration between the Early Childhood Advisory Committee and the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success. The program was established to supplement child care centers that, in many instances, already operate on thin profit margins and struggle to provide quality services given the requirement to maintain a safe environment and appropriately sized workforce for the safety of the children in their care during this global pandemic.

“We recognize that child care providers are an extremely important part of our economic ecosystem. They also help to ensure there is no disruption in education for children during this unprecedented time,” said Demaune Millard, president and CEO of Family League. “Having the opportunity to support the city’s efforts in administering these desperately needed dollars to close the gap for licensed and registered Family Child Care providers and child care centers was a priority we were more than willing to support. We hope these dollars can bring some relief to help these essential members of our community.”

Nearly 400 providers submitted applications for the Child Care COVID-19 Stability fund, with more than 90 percent having their applications approved. More than 220 Family Child Care Providers – identified as home-based facilities registered with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) providing child care for 12 or less children – were awarded more than $1.2 million in support. Child care centers, which are entities licensed by (MSDE) that provide child care for larger groups of children— were awarded more than $2.5 million.

Grant funding was provided to licensed and registered child care providers located in Baltimore to support costs including virtual learning expenses, personal protection equipment (PPE), payroll, supplies, rent, fixed debt payments, and other business-critical cash operating costs. To qualify, providers needed to submit budgets outlining the anticipated use of funds, and they had to meet specific criteria to remain in compliance with federal and state guidelines. Those included:

Providing a copy of their Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) license;
Submitting evidence of being in good standing with the State of Maryland, where applicable;
Being operational as of February 15, 2020;
Attesting that current economic uncertainty makes their grant application necessary to support the ongoing operations of their childcare; and
Certifying and providing documentation where needed that they were not duplicating benefits if they had received a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

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