Local Care Team

Are you a Caregiver or Parent who is dealing with any of the following issues?

  • Your child or family is involved with multiple agencies and you feel like you’re getting nowhere.
  • You think your child needs more services but you’re not sure where to turn.
  • You know what you need but you can’t seem to locate the service locally.
  • You feel overwhelmed and need a guide through the maze of reports and recommendations.

The Baltimore City Local Care Team is here to help!

The Baltimore City Local Care Team (LCT) is an inter-agency council that serves as a forum to provide support to families trying to access services for a child with intensive emotional and behavioral needs.  This collaborative group facilitates discussion and problem solving for individual child, family, and systemic needs by bringing together representatives of several child-serving agencies to review a child’s particular needs, and then work together with family input to identify programs and services that can help.

The goal of the LCT and its member agencies is to assist families in receiving the support and services they need to help their children remain in their homes and communities.  Families and their advocates can self-refer to the Local Care Team to receive assistance with the identification of individual needs and potential resources.  Member agencies may refer cases that involve children and families with complex needs who may benefit from an inter-agency Case Discussion, even if there is no risk of residential placement.

How does the Local Care Team work?
You and your family work with a team of various city agencies and local community organizations to figure out what your child’s needs are. Then, the Team works with you to identify and develop a wraparound plan for your family.

Baltimore City Local Care Team Member Agencies
Family League of Baltimore
Department of Social Services
Department of Juvenile Services
Baltimore City Public Schools
Department of Disabilities Administration
Behavioral Health Systems of Baltimore
Maryland Coalition of Families
Baltimore City Health Department

How can I connect with the Local Care Team?
If you are a Baltimore City caregiver or parent experiencing any of the issues listed above, please contact Moriah Smalls, Local Care Team Manager, at 443.872.4426 or lct@familyleague.org.

Can anyone other than a parent or caregiver contact the Local Care Team?
Yes! Family members, school faculty, and community members can also make referrals directly to the Local Care Team by contacting Moriah Smalls, Local Care Team Manager, at 443.872.4426 or lct@familyleague.org.

Click here for the Local Care Team Referral Packet

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