Review Panel Member
The Review Panel Member serves as part of an independent review panel convened by Family League of Baltimore to rate and score proposals submitted in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP).  This panel represents experience and knowledge in the fields of human service provision and programmatic oversight of the types of services and resources being developed. Please read the full position description here.

Current Reviewer Opportunities

Expanded Youth RFA: We need reviewers for the 2nd portion of reviews from January 14th – February 1st. That is about 3 hrs of in person meeting time for reviewer orientation & consensus meeting and 2 weeks of independent review. It will be about a 2-3 in person time commitment to participate in reviewer orientation & a consensus meeting as well as a 2 week independent review period. External reviewers will be paid $15 per application reviewed and should anticipate reviewing about 5-6 applications.

Those interested should send an email to with the subject of “REVIEWER: EY RFA” no later than 1/9/19 by 5pm.


Summer Funding Collaborative (SFC): We’re trying to recruit about 100 reviewers for this opportunity (60 adults & 40 youth). We anticipate completing recruitment no later than January 18, 2019. The review process itself will take about 2-3  weeks beginning  February 6th – February 28th, 2019. Youth Reviewers will sit through a guided in person consensus review meeting.  All together we anticipate the time commitment to be about  8 – 12 hours for youth reviewers and about 3-4 hours for adult reviewers. Reviewers would receive a stipend of $15 per proposal reviewed and we anticipate about 5-6 proposals per person.

Those interested should send an email to with the subject of “REVIEWER: SFC” no later than 1/18/19 by 5pm.