What We Do

Data & Evaluation
Family League is committed to the success of our partners, and we approach our management and oversight of the work from a strengths-based, outcomes-focused, and supportive framework.
Our program of work focuses on education and child, youth and family supports, spanning a continuum that starts before a child is born and ends with family and community stability.
Funded Partnerships
Family League leverages its network to serve as a conduit for change, connecting community-based organizations and service providers with funding made possible through public and private investments.
Professional Development
We provide coaching that delivers the most current research and best practices to partners and the community as a whole to support successful programs and improved outcomes.
Local Care Team
Family League oversees the work of the Local Care Team (LCT) for Baltimore. LCTs serve as forums to help families of children with intensive needs and facilitate interagency discussions and problem solving.
Public Policy
Foundational to the success of Family League’s work is our ability to influence systems and advocate for solid public policy that ensures children and families in the City of Baltimore are thriving.