City of Baltimore Press Release: Baltimore City Reaches Goal of Offering Summer Jobs to 8,000 Youth

BALTIMORE, Md. (June 27, 2016) For the second consecutive year, at least 8,000 Baltimore City youth and young adults, ages 14-21, will be offered a five-week YouthWorks summer employment opportunity. Today, approximately 6,000 youth started working in a wide variety of industries, including health care, hospitality/tourism, finance, construction, law and government jobs. A second five-week cycle will begin employing additional youth on July 11, 2016, bringing the total number of worksites to more than 900.

YouthWorks is one of the most successful and enduring summer jobs programs in the nation, annually offering jobs to at least 5,000 young people. Its popularity made it a natural focus for expansion after the unrest in Baltimore in April 2015.

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