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The Local Care Team (LCT) for Baltimore City strives to pair the families of children and youth demonstrating intensive needs with the resources and solutions to thrive and be successful.

The LCT manager, housed within Family League of Baltimore, works with parents, guardians and other adults on children’s behalf to coordinate interagency care. The purpose is to open doors, brainstorm, share knowledge, advocate, and develop strategies to help your child thrive.

Are you or a youth you know dealing with any of the following issues?

You're having trouble finding the right resources.
You or your child are displaying new behaviors that have you feeling confused or not knowing what to do.
You feel lost in the system and find it confusing or non-responsive.
You know the resources you need, but you're not certain how or where to access them.
You're feeling alone and like there is no one to help or guide you.

Our Local Care Team will:

Help youth with intensive needs receive assistance with identification of individual challenges and potential resources to address them.
Hold discussions with you to problem solve and identify systemic needs.
Connect youth with local service providers and community resources
Utilize the information gathered to improve the entire system
Discuss a request for Voluntary Placement Agreement for a child or youth with disability or mental illness under 5-525 of the Family Law Article
Listen to your concerns and worries
Can anyone other than a parent or caregiver contact the Local Care Team?

Yes! Family members, school faculty, and community members can also make referrals directly to the Local Care Team, and youth ages 16 to 21 can self-refer.

Partner Organizations

Family League of Baltimore
Baltimore City Health Department
Baltimore City Public Schools
Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore
Department of Disabilities Administration
Department of Juvenile Services
Department of Social Services
Maryland Coalition of Families

Connect with the Local Care Team

Rennett Bennett-Burden
Local Care Team Specialist
(410) 662-5500

For additional community resources, please visit: