Professional Development

Family League provides coaching and professional development focusing on a wide range of topics that move our partners and the community as a whole closer to realizing the vision of a Baltimore where children, youth and families have the opportunity to thrive. Participants in our workshops represent the diverse population of the City of Baltimore and the various needs of its residents.  We deliver the most current research and best practices to support well-designed, high-impact programs and activities.

We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year. All are free of charge to participants and open to anyone who wishes to attend. A brief list of upcoming trainings are listed below. To view the complete listing and register for our workshops, visit our Professional Development Calendar.

Thursday, November 18th | 4:30 PM

This workshop incorporates the movie Finding Nemo as a basis for identifying strategies to meet the individual needs of students through differentiated instruction.

Thursday, October 28th | 10 AM

This grant writing workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs and nonprofit and community leaders learn the basics of effective proposal writing, including the do’s and don’ts, and the key to what funders really want to see!

Workshop curriculum covers:
• Components of a competitive proposal;
• Tips from funders to proposal writers;
• A grantmaker’s process and criteria for funding decisions;
• How to gather the information needed to create a complete project or grant proposal;
• How to identify “red flags” or glaring errors in proposals.

A follow-up workshop (Grant Writing 2.0) is being offered December 7th at 10 AM.

Tuesday, December 7th | 10 AM

Grant Writing 2.0 is designed for entrepreneurs and nonprofit and community leaders with prior knowledge and/or experience with grant writing (Grant Writing 101 is being held 10/28 at 10 AM). Attendees will gain practical insights by reviewing case studies of successful grant applications. Attendees will also gain hands-on knowledge through interactive activities designed to help them with the program development and writing process.

Workshop curriculum covers:
• How to develop an effective logic model for program development;
• How to streamline their research process for evidence-based writing; and
• How to develop a comprehensive budget and corresponding budget narrative

Monday, November 8th | 10 AM

There are many resources out there about how to manage your time. When you are busy with many distractions and a lot on your plate, do these work? How can you juggle it all without getting burned out? Learn some fundamentals of productivity and time management as well as some tools to assist you in accomplishing more in your day. Learn to focus, be more effective and get better results.

Tentative agenda:
• Why is time management difficult?
• Common pitfalls
• Fundamentals of time management and productivity
• Practical guidance to help you do better
• Plan for your next steps to increase your productivity

This session will be an overview of Family League’s internal grant management system FUNDINGtrack. We will discuss basic functions, operation, and navigation within FUNDINGtrack. Training is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for ALL Funded Partner staff.

Thursday, December 16th | 4 PM

The out-of-school-time field currently has a 40% staff turnover rate. This is affected by 2/3 of its workforce being part-time. As a result, OST professionals frequently do not receive the professional development support they need to be successful. In addition to time and cost barriers, many OST leaders are not trained in how to identify which development opportunities are important and how to identify the right support.

This session will introduce alternative professional growth opportunities that are free to low cost and allow for individualization of each staff’s unique needs and goals.

• Participants will determine goals and purpose of their team’s professional growth plan
• Participants will experiment with new types of professional growth
• Participants will understand each staff’s professional goals and strengths
• Participants will create opportunities for individual growth plans

Wednesday, December 1st | 1 PM

When stress runs high, interactions often create disconnection, misunderstanding, and increased stress. There are neurological reasons for this. And yet, there are simple changes you can make in those moments that make the difference between disconnection and connection. Mariposa Education’s social-emotional learning method helps adults reduce stress and equips them to develop relationships that build emotional resilience in children. In this workshop, learn three easy steps to use in high-stress interactions to quiet the stress response, create connection, and open the conversation.

Tuesday, October 12th | 10 AM
Tuesday, January 11th | 10 AM

This workshop provides an overview of the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) framework. The workshop will offer key definitions, a discussion of the levels of accountability, a breakdown of performance measures by type, and an overview of turn the curve thinking. The training will offer guidance to attendees on how to quickly get from talk to action so that programs can better tell the story of their work and begin to figure out if anyone is better off. Participants will experience a mix of lecture, group activities, and individual practice throughout the session.

Are you looking to tap into your SUPERPOWER? Do you want to learn innovative ways to incorporate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills in your Out-of-School Time program? SEL provides children and youth with tools needed to succeed in school and life. Understanding and implementing effective SEL programming can result in students experiencing: improved academic performance; enhanced pro-social skills; improved positive self-image; decreased emotional distress; and decreases in behavior management challenges.

Over the course of three sessions, participants will gain a clear understanding of the 5 core competencies of SEL: (1) self-awareness, (2) responsible decision-making, (3) relationship skills, (4) social awareness, and (5) self-management. Participants will learn about the research supporting SEL, work collectively to create fun and easy to implement SEL activities, explore providers’ role in the SEL process, and uncover the challenges and opportunities around SEL implementation. Finally, participants will walk away with helpful resources and tools to support the incorporation of SEL into OST programs through the lens of youth development practices.

The three sessions will be held November 5th, November 19th, and December 3rd. Participants are encouraged to attend all three sessions if possible.

Tuesday, November 16th | 10 AM

New and experienced youth development practitioners will gain peer support on a challenge relevant to their current work while offering support to others. We will follow a highly choreographed experience that will allow participants to:


  • Craft their specific ask in 10 words or less, ensuring they get the most targeted support
  • Receive coaching, resources, and recommendations from other practitioners
  • Deepen their connection to one another and strengthen their network for support in between professional development sessions


All are welcome to attend with ASKs and OFFERs of support!

Wisdom circles are being offered November 1th, 2021, and January 27th and March 15th in 2022. Each wisdom circle will follow the same format but different challenges will be discussed. Participants are welcome to attend each session and will come away with new knowledge and connections from each experience.