Family League Bulletin: Youth Meals Available Today

Family League Bulletin: Youth Meals Available Today

Today, Monday, January 25th, Family League is partnering with Baltimore City Department of  Recreation and Parks to ensure youth have access to meals. Brown bag lunches will be delivered to 18 open Recreation Centers around the City between 1pm and 2pm today. Families can call 2-1-1 for open meal locations this afternoon.

Open sites are as follows:

Woodhome Rec Center 7310 Moyer Ave 21234

Chick Webb Rec Center 623 N. Eden Street 21205

Greenmount Rec 2304 Greenmount Ave 21218

Cecil Kirk Recreation Center 909 East 22nd street 21218

Rita Church Community Center 2101 Saint Lo Drive 21213

Edgewood/Lyndhurst Rec 835 Allendale Street 21229

Gardenville Rec Center 4517 Hazelwood Ave 21206

Solo Gibbs 1044 Leadenhall Street 21230

Cahill Performing Arts Center 4001 Clifton Ave 21216

Callowhill Aquatics 2821 Oakley Ave 21215

Locust Point Rec 1627 E. Fort Ave 21230

Ella Bailey Rec Center 100 E. Heath Street 21230

Carroll F. Cook Rec Center 5061 E. Eager Street 21205

James D. Gross 4600 Lanier Ave 21215

Mt. Royal Rec Center 120 W. Mosher Street 21217

Madison Square Rec 1401 E. Biddle Street 21213

Robert C. Marshall Rec 1201 Pennsylvania Ave 21217